Performance Tuning

Unlock the full potential of your engine with our expert performance tuning services. Our skilled technicians specialize in fine-tuning carburetors to optimize fuel delivery, air intake, and ignition timing, ensuring maximum power output and efficiency. Whether you’re seeking improved throttle response, enhanced horsepower, or better fuel economy, Coastal Carburetor has the expertise and tools to tailor your carburetor to your engine’s specific requirements.

Our performance tuning services include:

  • Precision air horn milling for increased airflow
  • Metering block modifications for enhanced performance
  • Booster swaps to improve signal strength and throttle response
  • Re-jetting for increased power and efficiency
  • Custom-built carburetors tailored to your engine’s specifications
  • Specialized services for blow-through carburetors, E85, and alcohol conversions

At Coastal Carburetor, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of performance while maintaining reliability and drivability. Trust us to fine-tune your carburetor for optimal performance on the street, track, or water.